Ryan Lehmkuhler, DDS

Dr. Ryan Lehmkuhler was born and raised in Dodge City, graduating high school in 2004. Ryan attended the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and graduated as a Chancellors Scholar with a perfect cumulative grade point average of 4.0. In December 2006, Ryan was accepted into the University of Nebraska Medical Center Dental College for the Fall of 2007.

Graduating Dental School in May of 2011 with, Dr. Ryan started a practice, renting a chair from Dr. Kelly Henrichs. Constrained by space, in November of 2013 Ryan opened his office at 105 Layton Street with 4 chairs (2 for his use and 2 for hygienist Carmen Burciaga).

When the office moved, a Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT) was added to provide a series of X-ray images taken from different angles and using computer processing to create 3D images for better planning and diagnosis with minimal radiation. CBCT allows for more information and the 3rd dimensional view of the treatment area so the patient and doctor can make a more informed decision for treatment.

Ryan is married to Dr. Katie Asbjornson and is the son of Paul and Elaine, and his sister is Jenny Lehmkuhler Jones. His hobbies included reading, traveling, and staying very active with most sports especially basketball. He also enjoys movies, so if you ask about who won the Academy award for best motion picture of 1972 you may get the list of nominees.

Katie Asbjornson, DDS

Dr. Katie Asbjornson was born into dentistry. Katie’s grandfather, Dr. Don Asbjornson opened his dental practice in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1962 and her father, Dr. Jon Asbjornson, joined Dr. Asbjornson Dental following graduation from dental school in 1987.

Katie graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical Center Dental School in 2015. Dr. Ryan and Dr. Katie were married following graduation and Katie began practicing immediately. Dr. Katie purchased the practice of Dr. Brad Astleford in October of 2015 and formed Dr. Asbjornson Dental. Katie has participated in a dental mission trip to Honduras.

Katie is an avid sports fan and enjoys participating in sports with Ryan whether they are running, biking, swimming, weight lifting or anything to stay active.


Meet Our Team

Brisa Cruz – Dental Assistant

Brisa has been with our practice since 2013 and previously assisted Dr. Michael Milford in his oral surgery practice before he retired. Her previous career is very beneficial for us because her experience in the dental field helps our practice grow each day. Brisa loves that our entire dental staff works as a team and she enjoys being part of our practice.

Prior to her dental career, Brisa graduated from Dodge City High School and later graduated from Dodge City Community College with an associate of general studies degree. She also has three handsome boys who make her life a joy every single day. Her three boys are involved in many extracurricular activities, and she enjoys supporting them and attending their activities every day.

Roman Holguin – Dental Assistant

Roman has worked at our practice since 2014 and he loves working with a wonderful staff that has great communication. He contributes to the success of the practice by always being on time.

Prior to his dental career, Roman graduated from Dodge City High School. He then graduated from the CNA program at Dodge City Community College and later graduated from the dental assisting program at Heritage College. Roman has a boxer named Tyson, and he enjoys going to the gym in his free time.

Mary Sandoval – Hygiene Assistant

Mary has been a member of our dental team since 2013 and loves being treated with respect and being part of our staff. She also appreciates the fact that she is accepted for who she is and what she can do to contribute to the success of our practice. Mary enjoys working with everyone in the office because we all get along well and the work days go by so fast. She also loves working with the best bosses anyone could ever ask for, and she looks forward to going into work every day. Mary enjoys meeting new people and making our office a comfortable place for every patient. She does so by treating them with care and helping with their needs. Mary contributes to the success of the practice by being able to perform duties that are assigned to her and by looking for ways to improve and better the practice. She also does her best to learn more and do what is expected of her.

Prior to Mary’s dental career, she went to school in New Mexico and also attended Dodge City Community College. She has a husband, one son, two daughters, and two grandsons. In her free time, Mary enjoys jogging and exercising.

Carmen – Registered Dental Hygienist

Carmen has been a part of our team since 2013 and she takes the time personalizing the patient’s treatment plan to their individual goals to achieve the best possible outcome. Carmen contributes to the success of the practice by deeply caring for each patient.

Carmen is a graduate from Wichita North High School and she later attended Wichita State University and completed its dental hygiene program in 1994. Carmen has a wonderful family of five, which includes herself, Vanessa, Adrian, Froilan, and Fabian. In her free time, Carmen attends her children’s sporting events and activities.

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