At First Dental, we understand that there may be some anxiety that comes with visiting the dentist. While we do everything we can to ease that nervousness, sometimes medication may help a patient relax, which is where sedation dentistry comes into the picture. Conscious oral sedation is a safe way to ease some of the tension.

Typically given in pill form, oral sedation can range from minor to moderate. During minor sedation, one pill is taken before visiting the dentist. Minor sedation will most likely make you feel sleepy, but you will still be conscious throughout the procedure. If Dr. Ryan P. Lehmkuhler determines that you would benefit from moderate sedation, patients are given a larger dose that may indeed make the patient fall asleep. These patients are typically awakened without much effort. An added benefit to conscious oral sedation is that the patient often does not recall the visit, so there is a lower risk of experiencing any lasting trauma that would prevent future visits to Dr. Ryan P. Lehmkuhler.

There are some slight risks associated with oral sedation. Our team is mindful of these risks, and we do everything we can to minimize them. To learn more about sedation dentistry in Dodge City, Kansas, we invite you to contact our office today.