Ryan Lehmkuhler, DDS
Dr. Ryan Lehmkuhler was born and raised in Dodge City graduating high school in 2004. Ryan attended the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and graduated as a Chancellors Scholar with a perfect cumulative grade point average of 4.0. In December, 2006, Ryan was accepted into the University of Nebraska Medical Center Dental College for the Fall of 2007. Ryan has participated
Graduating Dental School in May of 2011 with, Dr. Ryan started a practice, renting a chair from Dr. Kelly Henrichs. Constrained by space, in November of 2013 Ryan opened his office at 105 Layton Street with 4 chairs (2 for his use and 2 for hygienist Carmen Burciaga).
When the office moved a Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT) was added to provide a series of X-ray images taken from different angles and using computer processing to create 3D images for better planning and diagnosis with minimal radiation. CBCT allows for more information and the 3rd dimensional view of the treatment area so the patient and doctor can make a more informed decisions for treatment.
The doctor attended Sacred Heart Cathedral School graduating in the eighth grade before attending Dodge City High School graduating first in the class. Dr. participated in football and basketball as the 2004 Red Demons basketball team was runner-ups for Kansas State champion.
Ryan is married to Dr. Katie Asbjornson and is the son of Paul and Elaine and his sister is Jenny Lehmkuhler Jones. His hobbies included reading, traveling, and staying very active with most sports especially basketball. He also enjoys movies, so if you ask about who won the Academy award for best motion picture of 1972 you may get the list of nominees.